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Noceda Media Lab offers one of the world's leading web publishing tool which we tailor to your needs. With us, we ask simple questions such as who, what, where, when and why to find out the best way you can get your message across and reach your audience.

Who we are

nml-leaf-thumb.pngNoceda Media Lab is a modern web agency with an office at the heart of Norway's capital. We offer customized web solutions specifically focused on our customers' needs and objectives. We live and breathe our web solutions and take pride that our clients get the best solution on the market.

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We help you with your web strategy

nml-web-strategy.pngA good start is essential for any healthy cooperation. A web strategy will ensure that there is a link between your business strategy and your online strategy. By setting some specific goals for cooperation, we minimize the cost of design, implementation and optimization.

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We specialize in Drupal

Noceda Media Lab specializes in one of the world's best CMS today. Drupal is a very powerful and flexible content management system suitable for both small and large websites where you want active and dynamic content. Read more about Drupal »»